Salvadoran investor pours over US $500,000 into poultry sector from abroad


Salvadoran entrepreneur Francisco González has made a significant investment in El Salvador’s burgeoning poultry industry. Despite living abroad for the past 44 years, González’s commitment to his homeland remains unwavering. His latest venture involves constructing four state-of-the-art chicken coops, with a total investment exceeding US $500,000.

A transcontinental vision

González, now a resident of South Gate, Los Angeles, left El Salvador decades ago in search of better opportunities. However, his heart remained connected to the country’s rich agricultural heritage. When this Salvadoran learned about the favorable conditions for agribusiness in El Salvador, he seized the chance to contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

Building a poultry empire

The new poultry farm, located in Joya Grande near Santiago Texacuangos, will house approximately 25,000 laying hens. These industrious birds will produce fresh eggs, supporting local demand and providing a sustainable source of nutrition. González’s investment not only boosts the economy but also creates 15 new jobs initially, with plans to hire an additional 20 employees as operations expand.

A grateful entrepreneur

González expressed his gratitude to President Nayib Bukele for the government’s efforts in combating gang-related crime. The improved security climate played a pivotal role in his decision to invest back home. “I thank President Bukele for his actions in dismantling gang activities,” González stated. “He is making a real difference for the Salvadoran people.”

Support from invest in El Salvador

Salvadorans living abroad, known as Salex, have found support and technical guidance through the Invest in El Salvador agency. This government entity assists investors in navigating the local business landscape, ensuring a smooth process for those looking to contribute to the country’s prosperity. Salvador Gómez Góchez, President of Invest, emphasized the critical role that Salex plays in the nation’s economic development. “They are committed to investing in agribusiness, contributing to food security,” Góchez remarked. “As Invest in El Salvador, we provide personalized support to each investor.”

Beyond poultry: agrotourism and more

González’s project extends beyond egg production. The farm will feature an agrotourism space, allowing visitors to explore coffee plantations, mango orchards, lemon groves, orange trees, and even cacao cultivation. His wife, Angélica González, originally from Mexico, also praised the positive changes in El Salvador. The newfound stability and security have encouraged Salvadorans like the González family to reinvest in their homeland.

As El Salvador continues to evolve, entrepreneurs like Francisco González demonstrate that the country’s potential extends far beyond its borders. Their contributions not only boost the economy but also strengthen the bonds between Salvadorans worldwide and their cherished homeland.