The House of Raeford’s Aiken County Plans Dashed by Council’s Decision


A poultry processing company aiming to establish in Aiken County faced a significant setback as the County Council declined to approve necessary perks for the project. The proposed facility, which would have been located off Frontage Road, raised concerns among residents regarding its potential environmental and social impacts. County Council Chairman Gary Bunker emphasized that the project failed to meet the initial feasibility criteria, especially regarding technical aspects.

The North Carolina-based compan intended to invest $185 million in the county, promising to generate 900 jobs with competitive wages and benefits. However, the Council rejected a plan that proposed a fee instead of regular taxes, a decision that mirrored the city of Aiken’s stance on offering favorable water rates. Bunker highlighted the inadequate wastewater infrastructure to accommodate the plant’s needs, revealing that the current capacity fell short by 1.7 million gallons per day.

Despite Governor Henry McMaster’s interest in bringing the plant to Aiken County, local government opposition remained steadfast. Concerns were raised about whether the promised jobs would truly benefit the local community or simply draw commuters from elsewhere. As of now, there are no immediate plans for the project, with leaders prioritizing high-profit and high-tech investments for the region.