Aviagen Inaugurates New Pedigree Farm in Crossville, Tenn.


From left: Curt Kiser, Aviagen Live Production Manager; De Wet Nortje, Aviagen General Manager, Higher Generation Production; Jan Henriksen, CEO, Aviagen Broiler Breeder Group; Congressman John Rose, Tenn. 6th District; Grant Mason, Aviagen Program Geneticist; Andy Goldman, Aviagen Vice President, Pedigree Operations

Part of broader $100 million investment, the new farm is a milestone in ongoing journey of growth and innovation.

Aviagen® is proud to announce the grand opening of its new pedigree farm in Crossville, Tenn., which took place on Nov. 16. There to welcome guests were Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen, De Wet Nortje, General Manager of Higher Generation Production and Andy Goldman, Vice President of Pedigree Operations.

This new farm, where high-generation breeding stock will be produced, represents a
significant milestone in the 32-year history of growth and innovation for Aviagen in
the Crossville area. Choosing the rural area for its biosecurity strength, the global
breeding company relocated its Pedigree operations from Elkmont, Ala., to Crossville
in 1991. Over the years Aviagen has become an integral part of the community,
aligning with the company’s commitment to “Breeding Success Together” with its
local communities and its customers, the world’s poultry producers.

The pedigree farm is one component of Aviagen’s comprehensive Crossville
operations, which also feature a state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostics laboratory,
one of only two in the United States dedicated to servicing Aviagen’s internal
breeding efforts and among just seven worldwide. The Crossville facilities include a
highly biosecure feedmill, a hatchery, production office and multiple farms where
pioneering research and innovation are ongoing.

The Crossville pedigree farm is part of an ongoing $100 million investment in
Pikeville, Crossville and the surrounding areas. In 2020 the company inaugurated
the feedmill, and this marks the completion of farm number seven out of the planned

The farm expansion is expected to be fully realized by the end of 2024, creating
employment opportunities for up to 150 additional farm professionals in the area.
“We have discovered an exceptional workforce in Tennessee, people who understand agriculture and recognize the important role we play in the food supply chain as a breeding company. We are pleased to be part of the great state of Tennessee and its welcoming and caring citizens, and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration,” commented Henriksen.