Canafa and CBS deliver new poultry power for India


Top science-based solutions featured at the 14 edition Poultry India Expo Nov. 23-25, 2022 

Taking poultry production across India to the next level – with major gains in return on investment (ROI) – is the focus of the next phase of a major feed technology innovation drive by Canafa and CBS Bio Platforms.

The companies have teamed up to provide the country’s diverse and fast-evolving poultry sector with cutting-edge ‘bio-based’ feed additive solutions. The latest options are featured at the 14 edition Poultry India Expo, Nov. 23-25 in Hyderabad. (Visit stall W10– 11, Hall 5).

“The goal is to bring feed mills, integrators and farmers the latest and best feed innovations that can make a real difference to their success,” says  Kanwaljit Singh Aluwalia, President of Canafa. “Poultry farming across India is on the cusp of an exciting phase of growth that can be supported and accelerated with adoption of these next generation science-based solutions.”

Partners in progress

The Canafa and CBS alliance began over two years ago with a focus on early adoption in northern regions. Based on strong initial response this initiative is now dramatically expanding to achieve broader market penetration across the country.

“We are strong believers in the potential of India to strengthen and expand its poultry sector –  most importantly in a way that brings higher profits to farmers and their industry,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, South Asia Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms.

“Critical to achieving this potential is to provide the poultry sector with innovative, industry-leading feed technology. We look forward to sharing knowledge at the India Poultry Expo and to engaging more deeply with the poultry sector across India as we continue to expand our initiative with Canafa.”

Extracting higher value from feed

“Our CBS technologies allow customers to extract dramatically higher nutritional value out of the full range of locally available feed ingredients,” says Tuason. “They offer strong advantages to optimize profitability, support animal health and more, while also aligning with antibiotic-reduction and sustainability trends.”

Canafa is a marketing company that specializes in identifying and supplying the top new options achieving success for Canadian farms (the Canafa brand is a blend of “Canada” and “Farms”) that can also benefit farms in other parts of the world –  with a major focus on India. Canafa develops partnerships with the sources of these solutions to then get them into the hands of Indian farmers, often with added value through customizations that optimize their suitability for India.

CBS Bio Platforms, headquartered in Canada and serving markets around the world, is a leader in natural ‘bio-based’ feed supplements for agriculture. CBS signature Feed Science Platforms include Bio-Catalyst Technology, Enhanced Yeast Technology, Grain Management Technology, Functional Fatty Acids and Phytogenics & Probiotics. These platforms include numerous solutions that support animal nutrition, ingredients utilization, feed conversion efficiency, animal health, environmental stewardship and more.

CBS Bio Platforms solutions featured in the India innovation drive include top Bio-Catalyst Technology and Enhanced Yeast options.

New tools for India

The portfolio is led by Superzyme®, a multi-carbohydrase enzyme solution that helps users capture the most value possible from feed through better utilization of energy and nutrients, supporting tremendous efficiency gains that lower the cost of production.

Also showcased is ProSparity, a protein-sparing technology that unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources.  Complementing these options is Maxi-Nutrio® Liquid, an immunity-boosting next generation health management tool featuring a combination of  select nucleotides and CBS Yeast Bioactives technology.

Commercial results with all of these new Canafa supplied products have shown a very strong return on investment, notes Singh Aluwalia. “The toolbox of feed additive options for poultry has never been stronger. We look forward to sharing details with the India poultry industry as we continue engagement efforts in the weeks and months ahead.”

Local feed mills, integrators and farmers can contact Canafa for information and orders.