Chain feeding for roosters? That’s right!


Introducing MaleChain, the world’s first chain feeding system for separate rooster feeding. This system uses Big Dutchman’s same proven chain design used for feeding female breeder hens, but features an entire chain loop in just one trough.

The innovative 180˚ corner design and single trough with center divider create a simple, efficient, space-saving package that’s easy to install and maintain. A patent pending Big Dutchman innovation, the MaleChain brings several benefits including:

  • Maximized feed area allowing for easier inspection and selection
  • Rapid and even feed distribution in two directions
  • Proven feed chain to help with natural beak smoothing
  • Open trough allowing easy cleaning and maintenance – ABF friendly

For more information or to see if MaleChain is right for your farm, contact your local Big Dutchman distributor or salesman. You can also read more on our website and watch the YouTube video for more details.