Cobb Research Initiative provides an opportunity to unite science, animal health and technology


New research grant to award biannual program funding

A new grant opportunity seeks research partners to unite science, animal health and technology to maximize genetic progress in food production. The Cobb Research Initiative (CRI) was developed to propel poultry genetics further by creating opportunities that bring together diverse scientific research disciplines to create advancements in protein production.

“Cobb intends to progress food security and safety, sustainability and efficiency for the benefit of the poultry supply chain, and, ultimately, consumers,” said Dr. William Herring, vice president of research and development, for Cobb. “To achieve these goals, we’ll partner with researchers from a variety of fields beyond poultry to gain fresh insights and develop new tools to be used across the industry, including genetic development.”

The CRI encourages proposals that incorporate any of the following innovation topics to help improve its genetic products:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data systems collection and management
  • Robotics and automation
  • Application of biotechnology

The application period for the current round of funding is now open. Research partners can submit pre-proposals electronically by April 3, 2023. Learn more about the Cobb Research Initiative, including research priorities and submission instructions, at