Cobb-Vantress announces Vitor Hugo Brandalize director of Technical Service in Latin America and Canada.


The veterinarian will play a key role in the company’s strategic decisions, in addition to being a technical authority on the continent

Veterinarian Vitor Hugo Brandalize took over as director of Cobb-Vantress Technical Service in Latin America and Canada (LatCan). Previously a World Nutrition specialist at Cobb, with this appointment, he will be the leader of the company’s entire technical team for the units in the LatCan region. He will also play a key role in the company’s strategic decisions, in addition to being a technical authority and will be able to contribute to various areas of the company, said Cobb-Vantress’ General Director for Latin America and Canada, Bernardo Gallo.

“In this new position, Vitor Hugo will guide initiatives to seek the best management practices with the aim of achieving the full potential of the Cobb lineage. The LatCan Technical Service team has more than 20 highly qualified and experienced poultry professionals, comprising the Associate Director of LatCan Technical Service, the Brazil Regional Technical Services managers and all Regional technical specialists, who will report to him”, said the executive.

The appointment of the specialist is part of Cobb-Vantress’ expansion strategy on the continent. “Vitor Hugo’s arrival in this department is part of a strategy to further strengthen the technical and commercial departments. With his new role, Vitor will be dedicated 100% of his time to our customers and team in Latin America and Canada, enabling him to make a huge contribution due to his vast professional experience”, added Gallo.

Seeking the maximum potential of Cobb products and responsibility for positioning the brand in the breeding stock market will be some of the specialist’s challenges. “Cobb had already been recording organic growth in recent years and has seen an acceleration in its market expansion since the end of 2020, when it launched the most efficient chicken on the market. Our growth in South America, which was already at a good pace, increased significantly with the introduction of CobbMale. With the best weight on the market, excellent feed conversion, daily weight gain and carcass yield, this bird was accepted above expectations”, stated Brandalize.

A master in animal nutrition, he has extensive experience in the industry. He was Technical Commercial Manager at Nutron/Cargill, Director of Production and Sales at Globoaves and was also President of the Brazilian Division of Tyson Foods. “Vitor Hugo has a long history in poultry farming and is a world-renowned professional. He has established himself as one of the most important leaders in the production chain on the continent and always has important positions on the industry’s main challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we believe that his arrival in this new position will have an excellent impact not only for us, at Cobb, but mainly for our customers.  He is a professional who really makes a difference”, highlights Gallo.

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