Cumberland Offers 5 Tips for Maintaining A Poultry House Evaporative Cooling System


With the return of spring weather, proper maintenance of an evaporative cooling system is essential for providing an optimal poultry house environment. Jamie Walker, district manager for Cumberland, recommends the following steps to help protect birds from heat stress as temperatures warm up.

  • Clean and refill water tanks – Dump water and any remaining solid materials from water tanks and refill. Check tanks and hoses for any leaks and make needed repairs.
  • Remove pump debris – Clean pump filters and strainers of any debris, including algae and insects, which can block the flow of water.
  • Inspect the spray bar – Turn on the system and check the spray bar above the cooling pads for plugged holes caused by debris or calcium buildup. Every hole must be open for the cooling system to operate at full efficiency.
  • Clean cooling pads – Inspect the evaporative cooling pads for cleanliness. Dirt, dust and other debris that accumulate on pads will reduce air flow and cooling efficiency. Pads that are bent or sagging may need to be replaced. Check with your dealer or pad manufacturer for cleaning and replacement recommendations.
  • Watch cool pad color – Cooling pads are typically deep black. Pads with a lighter shade can indicate dry spots caused by blockages that interfere with cooling and actually allow outside warm air to seep through, requiring cleaning.

“An evaporative cooling system is like air conditioning for a poultry house,” said Walker. “It can’t be overstated how important it is as part of the poultry house ventilation system.”

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