Data is Power


Poultry producers have an immense amount of data at their fingertips. The challenge, however, is generating value from collected data. Cumberland has created a series of videos that explore how poultry producers can capture and utilize data to help maximize their operation’s management and productivity.

Making Sense of Data

Jamie Walker discusses the challenges of collecting and utilizing data. If done correctly, data can help build a story about your operation. This information can then be used to enhance management and productivity.

Building Production Benchmarks

Utilizing data captured by your controller to establish flock and operation benchmarks is highlighted in this video. Learn how to eliminate guesswork and enhance the overall productivity of your operation.

Data Helps Identify What’s Working or Not Working

Dive into the role data plays in providing a clear picture of what happens inside your barns. Feed management and bird environment are both discussed in this video.

How I’m Using Data in My Operation

Watch and learn how a broiler producer from Canada and a breeder producer from North Carolina are leveraging controllers to better manage their operations and identify areas for improvement. They are optimizing technology and data to help maximize the management and productivity of their operations.

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