Emergency Planning — Poultry Industry Council


Access Information here: https://www.poultryindustrycouncil.ca/emergency-planning

Farm emergencies can happen at any time – are you prepared?

Having a plan in place with all important information easily accessible is the number one way to sleep easy at night, and feel prepared for when disaster strikes.

With this new resource, PIC has you covered. The Poultry Farm Emergency Planning Resource will help you:

Assess where your farm needs more focus to get prepared for any emergency.
Document all relevant information such as key contacts in one safe place.
Communicate the plan and where to find all the information to your farm family or team.


There is a limited number of printed copies available. The first 200 Ontario Poultry Producers to register will receive a paper binder copy of the Emergency Planning Resource mailed to them free of charge! The PDF version is available by using the Order link below.