Global Poultry Production Trends: US and China Lead, Brazil Excels in Export


In 2021, the United States and China solidified their positions as the world’s leading chicken producers, collectively contributing a third of global poultry output.

The US poultry industry continued its robust performance, leveraging competitive production structures, abundant domestic feed resources, and enhanced poultry genetics to maintain high price competitiveness. Meanwhile, China’s steady growth in chicken production was fueled by significant investments in production capacities, process optimization, and diversification, aligning with the nation’s strategic focus on integrated food production and enhanced food security.

Brazil, ranking third in global poultry production, also emerged as the largest poultry exporter in 2021. Notably, nearly two-thirds of Brazil’s poultry production value came from white meat exports.

In the United States, poultry production saw a 1.7% increase in 2021 as producers responded to escalating domestic and international demand for chicken meat. Looking ahead to 2024, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecasts further growth in broiler production, driven by tightening global supply and robust demand. However, challenges loom, including reduced price competitiveness of US broilers due to rising chicken prices and constraints such as declining inventories of broiler-type laying chickens and weak hatchery data.

Despite the outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in 2022 affecting table-egg layer and turkey flocks, the impact on US broiler production and exports remained limited. Notably, efforts to address sustainability concerns and consumer preferences for animal welfare and food safety have led to the adoption of more sustainable production practices. The “Better Chicken Commitment” initiative, signed by over 200 commercial buyers in the US and Canada since 2022, underscores this shift towards improved growing conditions, humane breeding practices, and slaughter techniques for poultry.

In terms of growth percentages from 2020 to 2023, the US saw a 2.97% increase in poultry production, China experienced a 1.90% growth, and Brazil led with a 6.43% rise. However, China retains its status as the world’s largest chicken producer, closely followed by the US.