Optimize Your Feed Supply Chain Processes and Increase Profits With BinSentry’s Automated Inventory Ordering and Tracking Solution.


In today’s agricultural landscape, it’s no longer a secret that automation continues to be a key factor to achieving greater yields and increased productivity; be that in the transportation, manufacturing, or resource planning segments of the feed supply chain. Precision farming technology is an essential part of operational success for feed mills, producers, and nutritionists. Automating and upgrading the many processes within the feed supply chain enables organizations to improve efficiency and profitability and BinSentry is dedicated to being at the forefront of this exciting evolution in agriculture.

BinSentry’s Feed Order Automation Platform helps feed mills and their customers to drive increased profits by automating the feed inventory tracking and ordering process, accurately and reliably handling the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the feed supply chain.

BinSentry’s solution provides actionable, real-time data on feed inventory to make smarter, data-based feed supply decisions; simplifying the ordering process. Some of the benefits of using BinSentry’s automated platform are:

  • Monitoring feed inventory and projecting exactly when bins will empty;
  • Ordering the right amount of feed at the right time;
  • Tracking feed consumption and detecting feed irregularities;
  • Eliminating costly ordering errors such as spillages and shortages;
  • Reducing transportation costs and emergency deliveries;
  • Optimizing delivery routes;
  • Scheduling feed production and planning resources proactively;
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and cross-departmental communication;
  • Intuitive centralized software for order planning, across monitored and unmonitored bins.

What’s BinSentry’s method of success?

BinSentry’s automated solution combines the most accurate sensor and a user-friendly and fully integrated feed ordering software technology.

The Sensor: Greatest Accuracy = Highest Reliability

Effective automation requires high-quality data. BinSentry has built its proprietary sensor to deliver reliable accurate data, without the hassle of hardware ownership. Having the most accurate and reliable data equips organizations to allocate resources effectively, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Tracking and collecting the most accurate feed inventory data to automate the next stages of the process eliminates costly errors.

BinSentry’s new 3D Sensor provides a 100° field of view compared to the 1° field of view of single-point sensors which only take one measurement from the center of the bin. BinSentry’s 3D mapping system measures 9,000+ data points on the entire feed surface to accurately measure and deliver high-quality data, even with the most challenging products, such as high-humidity mashed feeds and supplements which are prone to bridging and rat-holing.

The Software: User-friendly and fully integrated software = Highest Efficiency

BinSentry’s Feed Ordering Automation Platform provides the functionality necessary to effectively track, manage and plan feed orders on both sensor-monitored and unmonitored bins.

BinSentry’s comprehensive dashboard provides tools to eliminate costly errors and streamline operations. Its numerous integrations make BinSentry data available where you need it most. Some of the features are:

  • Identifying by priority what bins need to be refilled;
  • Locating priority bins on a map;
  • Seeing order history and automatically calculating future or recurring feed orders;
  • Placing and tracking orders;
  • Assigning permission levels and managing users;
  • Customizing alerts and notifications.

BinSentry strives to develop the most powerful feed supply chain automation solutions at the most affordable cost, enabling our customers to capture valuable and optimal ROI. Their SAAS monthly subscription enables feed mills and vertical integrators to allocate their time and resources to other priorities while BinSentry automates their feed inventory and ordering processes.

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