Ovoset Pro: Unsurpassed points-down setting


From the very first moment an egg is laid until it reaches its final destination, it travels a long and tough journey. At Vencomatic we focus on perfecting every detail of this journey, protecting eggs from damage and contamination. This journey starts in a Vencomatic nest, designed using smart innovations like the Vencomat, tipping floor and egg belt. Once the eggs are in the packing area, Prinzen’s Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays.

Designed to be operated by a single worker, the Ovoset Pro offers an automated arm with proprietary suction cups to gently handle the eggs; operators simply ensure the de-nester is stocked with trays, leaving the Ovoset Pro to do the hard work. Like all Prinzen equipment, it is modular in nature and can handle most common setter tray types, with a flexible left- or right-hand configuration. The Ovoset Pro also minimizes operator error by confirming a tray is properly in place before allowing the automatic arm to release the eggs.

The Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour — its compact size and flexible layout will fit in any egg room and conform to multiple farm situations, fully optimizing egg movement. It’s the perfect solution for the accurate (99.7% points-down setting rate) and gentle movement of hatching eggs directly onto trays automatically positioned for egg transfer and setting.

The solid stainless-steel construction makes clean-up and maintenance a breeze, while the machine’s durability ensures you’ll be using it for years to come. As with all Prinzen egg packers, the system is modular so adding on an Ovograder or a trolley loader is easy.

Not only is the Ovoset Pro an excellent packer, its price point makes this unit a very attractive investment for operators looking to automate their egg rooms.

For more information, contact 1-800-224-9833 or email info@vencomatic.ca.

Features & Benefits

  • 97.7% points down for improved hatchability;
  • 30,000 eggs per hour;
  • Reduces manual labor;
  • Gentle egg handling;
  • Fits in every egg room;
  • Easy operation;
  • For all types of setter trays.