Phibro Showcases Poultry Vaccination Delivery and Management System and Other Innovations at IPPE


VapHi-Tech PVX-100 helps improve bird health, operator safety

Vaccination is a key component of health programs at every poultry operation. Yet each year, countless broilers, broiler breeders and commercial layers are not properly vaccinated. Until now. Phibro Animal Health Corporation has designed a system to revolutionize poultry vaccination management by greatly reducing the likelihood of operator error. Phibro demonstrated the innovative pHi-Tech™ PVX-100 vaccination management system at the 2020 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), allowing attendees to be among the first to see it in action.

Optimizing the Vaccination Process

Field vaccinators are required to handle every bird, which is time consuming and stressful for birds and operators alike. Human error and fatigue can leave flocks inconsistently vaccinated and put operators at risk of accidental self-injections.

“The pHi-Tech PVX-100 vaccination management system is Phibro’s latest innovation to enhance animal well-being and productivity as well as human safety,” says Assaf Shafran, Phibro’s VP and General Manager, pHi-Tech. “We designed it to meet the unique challenges of mass poultry vaccination programs, providing operators with superior control for a sustainable improvement in the vaccination process, from accurate injection through advanced analytics.”

Consisting of a lightweight, ergonomically designed hand unit and an electro-mechanical, rechargeable automatic injector, with cloud-based web and mobile apps that allow the configuration and tracking of vaccination performance, the pHi-Tech PVX-100 vaccination management system can be configured to administer either one or two vaccines.

“The poultry industry needed an accountable data management system with which to monitor, track and therefore improve the vaccination process,” says Shafran. “The addition of advanced data analytics, along with real-time insight, delivers greater accuracy and efficacy for better overall flock protection against dangerous and costly diseases.”

Innovating Bacterial Growth Procedures; Direct-Fed Microbials

Phibro highlighted other new poultry innovations at the 2020 IPPE, including:

• EASE™, Phibro’s enhanced antigen surface expression technology, is a new bacterial growth procedure for autogenous vaccines. EASE enhances the expression of key surface antigens, resulting in a purer, more defined vaccine product. “Phibro is implementing the use of EASE technology to grow bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and other gram-negative organisms for its autogenous vaccine production,” says Greg Otto, Phibro’s SVP Global Vaccines. “EASE ensures a higher ratio of immunogenic proteins to other superficial proteins, leading to a more focused immune response from the host animal.”

• OMRI-listed MicroLife™ direct-fed microbials contain highly active, specifically selected strains that support poultry health. These probiotics are freeze-dried to ensure spores are viable, consistent and effective, and are highly concentrated to provide even more room for feed nutrient customization.

“IPPE brings together colleagues spanning the poultry value chain, all of whom share common goals of optimizing animal health and delivering a quality end-product,” says Hector Badillo, Phibro’s SVP Global Marketing. “It is very important that poultry producers are empowered with innovations to safely and effectively protect the birds they care for.”

Please note that not all products are available in all countries. Contact your Phibro representative for more details.