The new generation of Multifan fans is here


Meet our new (50 Hz) Multifan Tube mounting and Panel fans: an improved motor design, low energy consumption, and yet incredibly powerful. Extensive R&D has resulted in the creation of the new Multifan line. Thanks to a new design, a smaller motor, and an optimal motor-impeller combination, these new Multifan fans are among the best performing and energy-efficient AC fans in the world. Ready to deliver the optimum airflow performance.

ECplus Vplus

Reduced energy consumption

Thanks to a smaller, more energy-efficient motor (for fans up to 50 cm) and the optimal motor-impeller combination, you save significantly on energy costs while still benefiting from the optimal airflow performance.


Robust and reliable

The new Multifan fans offer endless possibilities and are optimized for reliability and durability. Fans should always be running. That’s why we never comprise on quality.



Our (50 Hz) Multifan Tube and Panel fans comply with the latest ErP regulations and IE-motor requirements. Make sure you are futureproof and get ready for audits with our “CE certified’’ fans.

Great products are never finished

We set out to make the best fans in the market, even better. We asked ourselves three questions:
  1. How can we improve every aspect of our Multifan line, while keeping them the most reliable fans in the world?
  2. How can our fans comply with all energy regulations (like ErP) and still deliver the required airflow performance?
  3. How can we create fans that are energy-efficient, robust, cost-effective, and compatible with all conventional systems?

Meet the answer to these questions: the new generation of Multifan fans. Watch the video and see the results of our research and development:

New line of Tube Mounting fans and Panel Fans

The new 50 Hz Tube Mounting Fans and Panel Fans have undergone a complete transformation on the inside. The smaller fans (up to 50 cm) have a new smaller (120 mm) motor that provides more free flow. They are more efficient while providing an optimal airflow performance. And they comply with the latest ErP regulations and IE requirements. The electric motors used in this fan series naturally meet (and many exceed) the minimum efficiency requirements as established in the currently active COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/1781 (Ecodesign requirements for electric motors).


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Multifan Tube Fan L
Tube Mounting Fan

Flexible fans that are ideally suited for integration in ducts, tubes, pipes or chimneys.

  • Tailor-made dimensions possible
  • For vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Reliable with a long lifetime

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Multifan Panel Fan L
Panel Fan

The all-round fan that, in most cases, is positioned within the wall.

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • If desired, also suitable for circulation

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