TIBOT launches its new poultry robot: T-MOOV


After four years of marketing its first robot, TIBOT technologies, the Rennes-based agritech start-up,  presents T-MOOV. It’s the result of over a year of R&D, and its design has been completely revamped to  meet the needs reported by its network of over 200 farmers who are using the Spoutnic robot.

With its mission of getting the birds moving, the T-Moov robot assists the farmer by circulating in the building 24/7  to stimulate the birds’ natural activity. It helps relieve the farmer of this repetitive task, while reducing stress among  the birds and improving their health. In this way, T-MOOV helps to improve the technical and economic indicators of
the farm as a whole.

An assistant for the farmer, a profitability tool for the farm

As in many sectors, robotics has been used in poultry farming for several years now. As an everyday assistant, the TMOOV poultry robot saves farmers time and improves working conditions while enriching the birds’ environment. TMOOV has been designed to adapt to the environment and the type of farm on which it operates

Less drudgery, more time for the farmer
Nest training requires the farmer to make 8 to 10 trips per day to make their poultry move. So, it is sometimes hard  to get on with other tasks around the farm. T-MOOV allows farmers to save up to 50% of their time and to reduce  the number of trips by two-thirds. Farmers can therefore devote more time to their work and to monitoring their

Less aggression, more animal health
By making the animals move, the robot contributes to better poultry behaviour, which results in up to a 50%  reduction in feather pecking and well-managed flocks. With its variety of sounds and visual stimuli, T-MOOV  contributes to creating a better environment. The birds are less stressed and less aggressive.

More efficacy and improved results. The benefits of the robot are demonstrated in all poultry production with an  improvement in the flocks: breeding hens / breeding turkeys / layer hens / commercial turkeys. Depending on your  production, it enables you to gain in terms of eggs for hatching or consumption, fertility, DWG and CI with a reduced  risk of downgrading and culling.

T-MOOV, the poultry robot for any building, any terrain, any farm

Plug and play: easy to install and can be quickly tailored to all productions

T-MOOV starts with two buttons and does not require any technical installation. And yet it adapts to the farm,  whether the birds are turkeys, breeding hens or layers, thanks to its mobile application or controls directly on the  robot!

– Easy to start for users
– Quick adjustment of functions
– Accessible, protected interface on top of the robot
– Automatic safety cut-off activated by light sensor: the robot stops when the building is plunged into  darkness, reducing the risk of smothering and suffocation

Ability to move absolutely everywhere

T-MOOV moves at random and with total autonomy throughout all buildings, even the narrowest spaces. It has the  ability to negotiate bumps and holes of an uneven litter. Its compact size also allows it to fit underneath flat feed  chains.

– Chassis designed for a better approach to the obstacle and to facilitate its release
– Ground clearance can be adjusted to the constraints of the farm buildings
– 360° detection of contact over the entire periphery of the robot, even under the flat chain
– Bypasses easily obstacles: wall, laying nest, hopper base, dead hen etc.
– Up to 10 hours of work and autonomy: rechargeable battery from a power outlet

A wide variety of movements and stimuli, which can be adjusted for each flock

T-MOOV has 6 adjustable speeds and can therefore be adapted specifically to each flock (species, breed, etc.) The  manoeuvring angles can be adapted to the type of building. The possible combinations of sound and visual stimuli  create variety for the animals.

– Stimulation without habituation for long-lasting effectiveness
– Broad effects of visual diffusion giving the impression that the robot changes colour
– Facilitation and variation in the movement of the robot
– 10 sounds, 7 light colours, projection of laser points onto the ground in front

Extreme durability and ease of maintenance: hygiene and longevity are key

T-MOOV is designed to withstand extreme environments and the constraints of the farm. It is impervious to high  concentrations of ammonia and is dustproof and waterproof. It is easy to clean and is designed to withstand
disinfectant products.

– Chassis ensuring complete sealed protection of the robot’s vital parts
– Chemical resistance, fire resistance, mechanical resistance (claws, chicken beaks, impact against equipment
and walls, ammonia, chicken droppings, etc.), dust resistance
– Design limiting recesses, simplified dismantling of the casing: adapted to comply with health requirements

Robots invented by farmers, developed for their needs,  rewarded by their results

Like many poultry farmers, Laëtitia and Benoît Savary, who have a flock of breeding hens in Mayenne, faced the  recurring problem of floor eggs. This represents thousands of euros in lost turnover, plus the cost of labour to walk  the poultry house and collect the floor eggs, not counting the health problems that are all too often associated with
this type of work!

In 2015, Laëtitia and Benoît decided to tackle the problem and called in Cimtech, a mechatronics consultancy located  near Rennes, to assess the feasibility of a poultry farming robot that could make their daily work more comfortable  and more profitable.
In 2016, TIBOT was founded under the direction of Yanne Courcoux, with the aim of developing solutions to facilitate  daily life on the poultry farm.

Today, TIBOT supports more than 200 customers in over 25 countries thanks to a network of 15 distributors around  the world. TIBOT has also recently opened its first sales office in the United States to support strong growth in North  America.