University of Alberta Student Awarded Aviagen Poultry Genetics Scholarship


Thiago Noetzold was chosen for the depth of his research in bird feed efficiency that  results in sustainability benefits for poultry producers and the planet.

University of Alberta graduate student Thiago  Noetzold has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the Aviagen® Poultry Genetics  Scholarship. Aviagen is a longstanding contributor to the Canadian Poultry Research  Council (CPRC), and each year designates a portion of its donation to this scholarship aimed at encouraging future poultry leaders.

Working to strengthen bird welfare, sustainable poultry production

N oetzold is pursuing PhD in Animal Science at the University of Alberta’s Poultry
Research Center, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science department, where he
also serves as a Teaching Assistant. A native of Brazil, he holds a Master of Science
in Animal Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and a
Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Medicine from FAI University Centre in
Brazil. Based on his master’s research, two of his manuscripts were published in
Poultry Science journal.

A panel of Aviagen geneticists selected Noetzold for this scholarship based on the
quality of his doctoral research and its potential to benefit the poultry breeding
industry. For his PhD, Noetzold is working on an Aviagen-sponsored project using
precision feeding technology to find the optimal nutrient balance and growth curve
trajectory, with a goal of maximizing biological performance of broiler breeder hens.

“While collaborating closely with Thiago on this project, I am impressed by the
excellence of his research skills, as well as his enthusiasm for discovery leading to
continuous improvement for our industry,” commented Dr. Bryan Fancher, Aviagen
Group Vice President of Global Technical Operations.

“My goal is to promote sustainable poultry production and increase bird health and
welfare by helping birds to become more feed efficient,” explained Noetzold. “I am
grateful to Aviagen for this scholarship, which will help me further my research and
fulfil my passion to work toward continual advancements in precision agriculture to
enrich our ability to help feed the world with sustainable and healthy chicken meat.”

Scott Gillingham, Canadian regional business consultant for Aviagen, added, “The
sustainability of our industry depends on the creativity and talent of passionate,
bright young minds like Thiago. Aviagen is committed to supporting our emerging
leaders whose innovation and intelligence will serve to transform the future of our
industry. Thiago shares Aviagen’s vision to strengthen social, economic and
environmental sustainability through ongoing advancement in bird efficiency and
welfare. We congratulate Thiago and wish him all the best for a rewarding career in
poultry, and we look forward to the outstanding contributions that he is sure to

“For the past decade, Aviagen and the CPRC have cooperated on research that is
vital to the future of the industry in Canada. By teaming up with universities to
support students like Thiago, we are helping to sustain the industry and strengthen
the ability to feed our communities and those around the world with healthy chicken
meat,” concluded Dr. Bruce Roberts, Executive Director of the CPRC.