Unleashing the Power of ESA-3000: Transformative Success Stories from Veteran Poultry Producers


Meet Tim Cox and Randy Martin, two seasoned poultry producers with a wealth of experience in the industry. When they discovered ESA-3000 technology, little did they know it would revolutionize their businesses and lead to unparalleled success.

Tim Cox: Fuel Savings and Unbeatable Comfort for the Flock

With an impressive 22 years in the poultry business, Tim Cox knows the ins and outs of efficient farming. His farm comprises four barns, each carefully ranging from 12,600 to 22,500 square feet. Tim was one of the early adopters of ESA technology, and his larger 22,500 square foot barn proudly houses the ESA-1000. When he constructed his new 17,000 square foot barn, the decision to install the ESA-3000 was a no-brainer.

Tim Cox Side-by-Side 4 Flock Rotation Comparison
  Standard Barn ESA3000 Barn Improvement
Propane Amount, L 17385 6811 +60.1%
Propane Cost, $ $9,513.87 $3,726.24

The results were astonishing. In an email exchange with ESA, Tim reported an incredible 53% reduction in fuel usage between his 17,000 square foot barn equipped with four ESA-3000s and the nearly identical 16,800 square foot barn without heat exchangers. This translated to almost $5,800 in savings! Beyond the financial benefits, Tim noticed the ESA-3000 even delivered distribution and drier litter, vastly improving his overall production system. The automatic cleaning system was equally impressive, which reduced maintenance on the ESA-3000s to only 1 or 2 times per year.

Randy Martin: A Seamless Integration to ESA-3000 for Unbeatable Results

With close to 10 years as a broiler producer, Randy Martin’s experience speaks volumes. He had previously embraced the ESA-1000, and when he sold his barn equipped with it to build a new one, there was no doubt that the ESA-3000 would be an integral part of his plans. In September 2022, Randy proudly installed 8 ESA-3000 units in his 26,000-square-foot barn.

The integration was seamless, thanks to the ESA-3000’s flush mount design, which integrated perfectly with Randy’s poultry operation. He was thrilled with the efficiency and practicality. Notably, Randy achieved a remarkable 40% propane savings compared to his other barn outfitted with the ESA-1000 units, with a total savings improvement of up to 70%. He was also astonished by the ESA-3000’s ability to provide fresh, preheated air, eliminating the need to open side vents for the entire turn. As with Tim, the water flush system proved to be a winner, drastically reducing maintenance efforts.

A Win-Win-Win Technology: A Greener Environment, Happy Birds, and Profits

The ESA-3000 isn’t just about savings – it’s about fostering a healthier and more productive environment for birds and producers. By reducing fuel usage, it helps lower carbon footprints, making a positive impact on the environment. For the birds, it creates a stress-free, comfortable atmosphere that enhances their well-being. As for producers like Tim and Randy, the ESA-3000 opens the door to cost savings, increased production, and greater profitability.

Tim and Randy’s stories demonstrate the undeniable potential of ESA-3000 technology. Now, it’s your chance to unlock its full potential for your poultry farm. If you seek substantial savings, improved production, and a brighter, greener future for your business, don’t hesitate to leap and embrace ESA-3000 today.

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