Zoetis launches Poulvac® Procerta™ HVT-IBD, a recombinant vector vaccine which provides early protection against infectious bursal disease (IBD)


Today we are excited to announce the launch of Poulvac® Procerta™ HVT-IBD, a recombinant vector  vaccine which provides early protection against infectious bursal disease (IBD) viruses confronting  poultry producers.

Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD joins our portfolio of live and inactivated vaccines to provide a comprehensive  set of solutions for the broiler and layer industries. Studies found the vaccine has provided fast  protection against classic IBDV, AL-2 IBDV, and very virulent IBDV, all leading challenges to poultry  producers in North America.

The product is our first in the vector platform in Canada, which has been designed to provide fast  protection against key viral diseases. Expanding the vector platform to meet our customers’ challenges  will continue to be a major focus.

Kalen Cookson, DVM, director of clinical research, Zoetis, explained that early protection is essential  because IBD, which remains a leading disease challenge for the poultry industry, tends to affect younger  birds and is highly immunosuppressive.

Closes gap in protection

“The younger the bird, the more severe the immunosuppression. Immunosuppression may predispose  birds to costly secondary infections — a greater concern now that nearly 60% of U.S. flocks are raised  without antibiotics,”1 Cookson explained.

By providing early immunity, the veterinarian added, Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD closes a gap in  immunity.

“Maternal antibodies passed from immunized broiler breeders to broilers start to wane at about 14 days  of age.2 Using Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD closes the gap between passive immunity provided by hens and  active immunity initiated by vaccination,” he said.

In challenge studies, Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD administered in ovo provided 78% protection at 14 days  of age against the AL2 variant, which now accounts for half of the IBD viruses circulating among U.S.  broiler flocks.3

The Zoetis team also conducted two separate studies to test the in ovo efficacy of Poulvac Procerta HVTIBD against a classic virulent IBD challenge on day 14 of age. The new vaccine provided 96% protection.4

According to Cookson, the vaccine’s duration of immunity is at least 63 days of age,4 which is important  because IBD can also cause temporary immunosuppression in older birds. Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD is  therefore expected to be valuable for the layer as well as the broiler segments of the industry.

Optimized IBD virus insert

The backbone of the new vaccine is a turkey herpesvirus (HVT), which is widely known to be safe and  protect against Marek’s disease (MD), another cause of immunosuppression.

The IBD gene inserted into the HVT backbone is optimized for viral protein expression in avian cells and  is largely responsible for the vaccine’s ability to provide early IBD protection, according to principal  scientist Hartman. The vaccine can be administered either in ovo or by subcutaneous injection at hatch.

Integrated protection
For comprehensive IBD protection in broilers, Cookson recommended starting with a robust broiler  breeder IBD vaccination program.

“If you use Poulvac Maternavac® 4 in breeders and then follow up with Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD in  broilers, protection will be provided when maternal antibodies wane. Producers will therefore be  protected from costly performance losses,” he said.

Poulvac Maternavac 4 is an inactivated, injected four-way vaccine for breeders introduced by Zoetis in  2019. Like Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD, it has been shown to provide a high level of IBD protection.5

For flocks with low maternal antibodies, Bursine® -2 from Zoetis, a live vaccine for IBDV, can be used  alone or following in ovo administration of Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD. For strong field challenges, Zoetis  offers Poulvac® Bursaplex®, another live IBD vaccine.

For more information on Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD, poultry veterinarians and producers should contact  their Zoetis representative or go to PoulvacProcerta.com.

-Store in the vapor or liquid phase of liquid nitrogen
-This product should be stored, transported, and administered in accordance with the

Method of Administration
-Subcutaneous injection
-In ovo injection
Witholding Period
21 days before slaughter

For further information please contact our customer service team, call 1-800-663-8888, or go to  www.zoetis.ca.