Aviagen North America Business Unit Manager Billy Hufford Named “Allied Member of the Year”


The California Poultry Federation (CPF) has  chosen Billy Hufford, Business Unit Manager for North America, as the 2022 “Allied  Member of the Year.”

Hufford, who serves as a CPF Board member, was selected unanimously out of
several nominations due to his exceptional service and outstanding contributions to
the promotion and improvement of the poultry industry in the Golden State and

He was honored in a special ceremony on Sept. 15, and his wife Amy was also
called onto the stage.

“We congratulate Billy, who is unquestionably deserving of this award. He has
supported California’s poultry industry in numerous ways, including through his work
at Aviagen, where he advocates for legislation to help the industry in California and
the entire North American region,” said Bill Mattos, President of the CPF.

“I am honored to accept this recognition, and value the Federation and their
endeavor to serve as an advocate for the poultry industry,” remarked Hufford. “I am
passionate about poultry, and will continue to devote my time and energy to the
mission to secure a better future. Aviagen and I share with the CPF a commitment to
helping producers feed the world with a healthy, affordable source of protein, while
working to continue to improve the impact of production on our planet.”

“We are proud of Billy for achieving this well-deserved accolade, and appreciate the
Federation for honoring him in this way,” commented Aviagen President of North
America Marc de Beer. “Billy is firmly committed to the industry, and his customers
often praise his dedication and service, always ready to help them get the best from
the birds and improve their bottom line.”

This is not the first time this year Hufford has been acknowledged for his
commitment to poultry. Earlier this year he received the 2022 “Industry Leader of the
Year” award from the Poultry Federation in Arkansas.

Two decades of passion and commitmentHufford was born and raised in rural northwest Arkansas, and poultry has always
been a part of Hufford’s world. He is committed to promoting the sustainability of the
industry for future generations, and often shares his experience and insight with
students at the University of Arkansas Poultry Science department and other
academic institutions.

Hufford’s diverse resume spans more than 20 years of management experience in
the poultry breeding, swine and food industries. Before joining Aviagen in 2017, he
served in various levels of management roles for well-known companies within the
industry. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Agriculture Education from
Oklahoma State University.