Broiler Egg Production in the US Still Lagging Behind Last Year’s Numbers: USDA Report


According to a recent report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), broiler-type egg production in the United States is continuing to face challenges, with a 1% decline in the week of September 2 compared to the same period last year.

This latest data does show a slight improvement compared to NASS’s previous report, which indicated a more significant 2% drop in broiler-type egg production year-over-year.

Hatcheries in the United States set 239 million eggs in incubators during the past week. The average hatchability rate for chicks hatched during this period reached 80.2%.

However, there remains a 2% decline in the placement of broiler chicks for meat production by growers in the United States, as compared to the previous year. Cumulatively, from the week ending January 7 through September 2, the United States placed a total of 6.56 billion broiler-type chicks. This cumulative placement figure represents a slight decrease from the corresponding period in the previous year.

These numbers reflect the ongoing challenges and fluctuations in the broiler egg production industry in the United States, prompting continued monitoring and adjustment by industry stakeholders.