Iowa Poultry Association Elects New Board Members, Seats Executive Committee


Iowa Poultry Association held elections for their board of directors in June 2020. The election resulted in the re-election of Dr. Craig Rowles (Iowa Cage Free) and Nathan Stanton (ILC Resources) to another 4-year term to the board of directors, and the addition of Sara Elenkiwich (Sparboe Foods), replacing outgoing director Beth Schnell.

During the Iowa Poultry Association (IPA) board virtual meeting held on June 25, 2020, the results of the Board of Directors’ election was announced.

After the new board members were seated, nominations were offered for the executive committee. Dr. Craig Rowles was nominated and elected as President, Bob Riley (Feed Energy) as Vice President, and Nathan Stanton as Secretary/Treasurer.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Rowles as President of Iowa Poultry Association,” stated Kevin Stiles, IPA’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. “As a highly respected and seasoned agricultural leader, we look forward to Dr. Rowles expert engagement and assistance in guiding our mission and vision for all poultry producers in Iowa.”

“Our sincerest thanks to Beth Schnell, for her service on the IPA board. We would also like to thank JT Dean for his service as our President for the past 4 years,” continued Stiles. “These past 4 years have presented challenges as well as successes for the poultry and egg community, along with considerable change with the organization, and we appreciate the guidance of JT during his service. His leadership has been especially valuable during my early tenure with Iowa Poultry.” JT Dean will continue to serve as a board member for Iowa Poultry.


“I am excited about the future of Iowa Poultry Association,” stated Dr. Rowles. “I look forward to working alongside my fellow board members and serving as President of IPA.”

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