Podcast: The HPAI Outbreak: Effective Biosecurity is Critical to Prevention


With the recent uptick in Poultry Influenza Dr Nick Wagner and Matt Meyer from Neogen join the podcast do discuss everything Avian Influenza.

About Our Guests

Dr. Nick Wagner is a professional services veterinarian with the Animal Safety Division at Neogen. In this role, he provides technical support to the sales and marketing teams for the swine, poultry, and cattle industries, assists with research and development projects, and performs necessary pharmacovigilance activities. Prior to joining Neogen, Dr. Wagner had 13 years of experience in the veterinary profession as a food animal practitioner and public health regulatory official. During his 7 years in private clinical practice, Dr. Wagner focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and herd health of dairy cattle, swine, beef cattle, and small ruminants. Serving as a public health veterinarian with the Ohio Department of Agriculture for 6 years, Dr. Wagner focused on the consistent supportable regulatory enforcement of USDA food safety regulations pertaining to animal and carcass dispositions, sanitation, HACCP, labeling, and animal welfare within meat and poultry processing facilities. Dr. Wagner received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics in 2001 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2005 both from The Ohio State University. Dr. Wagner’s work at Neogen and throughout his professional career is driven by a commitment to serve the livestock and poultry industries while focusing on the need to provide safe, quality, nutritious, and affordable food for consumers globally.

Matt Meyer is the sales manager for the Animal Protein Team at Neogen.  In this role, he manages 10 field sales people focused on providing Neogen industry leading biosecurity solutions to swine, poultry, and cattle customers throughout North America.  Prior to his current position, Matt has held several other sales roles at Neogen and has a background in Ruminant Nutrition.  Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Biotechnology from the University of Kentucky in 2006 and currently resides just outside of Fort Collins, CO.