US poultry exports increase 600% in 30 years


In a keynote address at the US Poultry Foundation’s lunch, held at the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo, president and CEO of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) Jim Sumner recalled his 32 years with the council. The value of poultry and egg exports have risen considerably in this time, he said. The value of poultry and egg exports in 1990 was $105 million. Today, the sector is valued at $102 billion.

“In 1990, we were exporting 519,000 metric tons of chicken, 32,000 tons of turkey, and 26 million dozen eggs,” Sumner said in his address. “Fast forward to 2021, the 519,000 metric tons of chicken is now 3.6 million tons. Chicken increased 600% during that period, turkey increased by 700%, and eggs also increased by 700%.”

Sumner shared several stories and memorable highlights during his tenure at USAPEEC, as well as discussed the formation of the World Poultry Federation and its goals. He concluded with a discussion about the vision and creation of the International Poultry Council in 2005, which now has 28 member countries and 58 associate members, representing 95% of global poultry production.

Sumner is this year’s recipient of the Harold E. Ford Lifetime Achievement Award.