Welland poultry slaughterhouse’s licence suspended for second time


Source: St Catherines Standard

A Welland poultry slaughterhouse’s licence has been suspended for the second time in less than four months.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has given Cami International Poultry Ltd. 90 days to correct its non-compliance with health regulations.

The agency said the recent suspension has been given as a result of “human health risk related to the contamination of meat products, the identification, analysis, prevention, reduction and elimination of the hazards associated with contamination, and non-compliances related to the humane receiving and handling of animals requirements.”

The company’s licence was also suspended Oct. 4, 2019, and reinstated Nov. 28, 2019.

The previous suspension was issued “because the company failed to comply with humane treatment provisions related to the slaughter of poultry,” says the CFIA in a news release.

A food recall is not associated with the recent punishment, as well as the one given last year.

The licence suspension will be lifted if the agency determines corrective measures have been taken. If action is not taken within 90 days after suspension, the agency may cancel the licence, said the CFIA.

The recent suspension took effect Jan. 10.

Cami International Poultry Ltd. is at 620 Rusholme Rd.