Approval Granted for Silver Creek Poultry’s Cass County, Michigan Farm with 45,000 Chickens


In a significant development for Silver Creek Poultry, their proposed poultry farm in Cass County, Michigan, has received the green light from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to proceed with construction. This welcome news follows an extensive period of internal assessments, public feedback, and on-site evaluations, as reported by a local news source.

The forthcoming facility is poised to become the residence for a substantial population of 45,000 chickens, contributing to the region’s agricultural landscape.

Joel Layman, the proprietor of Silver Creek Poultry, expressed a sense of relief after enduring months of rigorous scrutiny. His journey began when he submitted a site verification request to MDARD back in February. By the summer, he received the gratifying confirmation that both the site and the proposed plan adhered to the regulatory standards.

Despite an appeal lodged by concerned neighbors, the unwavering commitment to thorough reviews and on-site assessments eventually led to MDARD Director Dr. Timothy Boring affirming the suitability of the chosen site. This pivotal decision now paves the way for Silver Creek Poultry to advance with their construction plans.

Looking ahead, Joel Layman intends to collaborate closely with builders to expedite the construction process. The neighboring Sister Lakes community had voiced apprehensions about the project. Still, Layman remains optimistic that the farm’s natural surroundings, including a screening of trees, will largely shield it from view throughout the year, alleviating these concerns. With construction underway, the goal is to have Silver Creek Poultry operational by the year 2024, marking a significant milestone for both the farm and the local community.