Eden Valley Poultry Receives $2.9 Million Federal Funding to Expand Capacity and Modernize Operations in Berwick, N.S.


“Eden Valley Poultry Receives $2.9 Million Federal Funding to Expand Capacity and Modernize Operations in Berwick, N.S.”

Berwick, Nova Scotia’s leading employer, Eden Valley Poultry, is set to receive an injection of nearly $3 million in federal funding to bolster its processing capabilities and enhance efficiency through automation.

The Supply Management Investment Fund will allocate up to $2.9 million to support the modernization of processing and wastewater systems, the acquisition and installation of state-of-the-art packaging equipment, and the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system. Eden Valley Poultry is a prominent supplier of poultry products to the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario.

Werner Barnard, President and CEO of the company, emphasized the necessity of these investments, citing the outdated nature of their current systems that require extensive manual data handling. These upgrades are expected to increase production line speed by an impressive five to eight percent, enabling more efficient processing of poultry within the same timeframe.

Importantly, despite the integration of automation, there will be no job losses. Barnard underlined that automation is viewed as a means to enhance the working environment for employees.

Berwick Mayor Don Clarke, who has witnessed the plant’s evolution since his election in 2012, highlighted the significant impact of the facility on the town’s economy, including increased tax revenue and electricity sales.

Eden Valley Poultry in Berwick is a collaborative venture between Nova Scotia poultry producers and Maple Lodge Farms, specializing in fresh whole chickens, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and frozen whole turkeys.

Kody Blois, Member of Parliament for Kings-Hants, expressed admiration for the facility’s professionalism, size, and scope. He also acknowledged the challenges Eden Valley Poultry has faced due to COVID-19 and avian influenza.

Blois, who chairs the Agriculture and Agri-Food committee, stressed the importance of the poultry processor as the only federally regulated one in Nova Scotia. He emphasized that supporting Eden Valley is crucial for poultry farmers in the region.

Werner Barnard disclosed that the company maintains a robust five-year plan, regularly evaluated to ensure both short-term profitability and long-term sustainability. Their aspiration is to remain a steadfast business in Berwick and Nova Scotia, serving generations to come.