Canafa and CBS initiative transforms success for India poultry sector


Latest progress featured at Poultry India Expo, as Hyderabad welcomes over 10,000 participants to share knowledge and drive innovation. 

Nov. 20, 2023

Hyderabad, INDIA – Hyderabad’s HITEC City hosts the highly anticipated Poultry India Expo 2023, Nov. 22-24, an event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations and advancements in the poultry industry.

The expo, organized by the Poultry Federation of India, brings together industry experts, farmers, suppliers, and manufacturers from across the country to discuss and explore various aspects of the poultry sector.

This event arrives as a new era of science-driven progress for the poultry sector across India is rapidly taking shape with the rising adoption of next generation feed innovations.

Helping to lead this transformation is a newly expanded initiative by Canafa and CBS Bio Platforms, designed to bring feed mills, integrators and farmers the latest in feed additive solutions that serve as a growth engine for better farm income. (Visit Canafa and CBS at stall X19– X22, Hall 5).

“We are very pleased to expand our commitment to serving the poultry sector across India,” says Kanwaljit Singh Aluwalia, President of Canafa. “Bringing more solutions, support and broader availability across more regions of the country will help India’s poultry farmers and their industry reach full potential.”

With an expected turnout of over 10,000 visitors, Poultry India is a remarkable event for the poultry industry in India, says Kanwaljit. “The event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and partnerships, with Canafa and CBS at the forefront of driving the industry towards a successful future.”

Fuelling success with science-based innovation 

Canafa is a marketing company that specializes in identifying and supplying the best new options achieving success for Canadian farms to benefit farms in other parts of the world –  with a major focus on India. CBS Bio Platforms is a leading feed technology innovator with a portfolio of CBS Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

“The focus of our FSPs solutions is to add value at the farm gate,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, Asia Pacific Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms. “For India, this means working closely with the industry to understand local needs and opportunities, to support the best interventions. Together with Canafa we are excited to continue investing in relationships across India, to bring more options including customized knowledge and solutions.”

CBS and Canafa began the current innovation drive three years ago. “Since that time we’ve seen a lot of increased momentum in both interest and adoption,” says Dr Eduardo. “Because feed is such a major component of production, there’s a recognition that the right feed technology to enhance value can make a very substantial difference.”

Unlocking India’s full potential for growth

Feedback and commercial data from across the sector has consistently shown early adopters  achieving new levels of success –  including dramatic efficiency, cost-saving and flock health advantages.

“The poultry industry across India has long held tremendous potential – particularly with rising disposable incomes and changes in food habits toward greater consumption of animal protein,” says Geraldbeau Licarte, Animal Nutrition Consultant with CBS Bio Platforms. “We’re at a time now of equally oustanding potential in feed science, which is generating the innovations we see in the FSPs.”

Examples of the FSPs portfolio featured at Poultry India include Superzyme®, a multi-carbohydrase enzyme solution that helps capture the most value possible from feed through better utilization of energy and nutrients, supporting efficiency gains that lower the cost of production. Also showcased is ProSparity®, a multi-component protease that unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources.

Supporting these options is Maxi-Nutrio® Liquid, an immunity-boosting health management tool designed for use in water. This solution has shown advantages to safeguard against various bird health threats, including avian influenza and – especially important and timely for India – chicken anemia virus.

“All of these advancements help to optimize production,” says Geraldbeau. “They also support the increasing expectations of animal agriculture to operate using feed solutions that minimize resource consumption –  helping Indian farmers to feed their country and the world.”

Local feed mills, integrators and farmers can contact Canafa for information and orders. Learn more about CBS at and about FSPs at

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