Chicken Buyer Class Appeals to Supreme Court Seeking Reinstatement of Rabobank in Price-Fixing Lawsuit


A group of chicken buyers involved in a lawsuit against poultry producers has taken their case to the United States Supreme Court, filing a petition to challenge a decision by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that removed Rabobank from the proceedings.

The lawsuit alleges that Rabobank, a prominent agricultural bank, played a role in aiding poultry producers in fixing prices. According to the plaintiffs, the bank either facilitated the alleged price-fixing agreement among processors or had knowledge of their coordinated efforts.

Earlier this year, Federal Judge Thomas Durkin in Illinois dismissed Rabobank from the lawsuit. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld this decision in July and rejected the plaintiffs’ request to reconsider and hear arguments to reinstate Rabobank in the case in August.

The petition, filed with the Supreme Court on November 16, signals the chicken buyers’ determination to seek a reversal of the decision that excluded Rabobank from the proceedings. The Supreme Court will review the petition, and a response from the involved parties is expected by mid-December. This move indicates a significant legal development as the chicken buyers appeal to the highest court to intervene in the ongoing price-fixing case.