Egg Farmers of Canada congratulates Tim Hortons on extending the Egg Quality Assurance™ certification program to restaurants across Canada with its freshly cracked eggs menu


Egg Farmers of Canada applauds Tim Hortons for featuring the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA™) certification mark on Tim Hortons advertisements for its freshly cracked eggs menu offerings, now available at restaurants across Canada. These efforts by Canada’s largest restaurant chain showcase their commitment to sourcing high-quality, Canadian eggs, and to supporting the Canadian egg farmers who produce them every day to world-class standards.

Tim Hortons advertisements and in-restaurant signage for its freshly cracked eggs menu items such as hot breakfast sandwiches, bagels and wraps made with fresh, high-quality Canadian eggs will feature the EQA™ certification mark.

“We know Canadians value quality ingredients produced right here in Canada, and we are proud to partner with Tim Hortons to strengthen the connection between our farms and their menu items,” said Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. “Their commitment to high-quality food and sourcing suppliers, like Canadian egg farmers, that uphold leading food safety and animal welfare standards further reflects their dedication to their customers.”

The EQA™ certification mark, developed by Egg Farmers of Canada, is part of an industry-wide program, which includes on-farm inspections and third-party audits. Canada is known for having some of the highest standards in the world for egg safety and quality and the EQA™ certification program verifies that those standards are maintained. For restaurants and retailers, the EQA™ certification mark on egg cartons, menus or product packages gives customers the information they need to enjoy Canadian eggs with added confidence, providing an instantly recognizable sign that their eggs are from Canada and are of the highest quality.

“Tim Hortons is committed to delivering great quality food across our menu and that’s really exemplified by our move to using freshly cracked eggs in our restaurant kitchens,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons. “We’re very proud to display the EQA™ mark that signifies our commitment to supporting Canadian egg farmers and sourcing the very best eggs available for our guests to enjoy.”

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